ResetData unveils liquid-cooled data centre lab in Sydney

This cutting-edge lab serves as a dedicated space to test and simulate ResetData’s immersion-cooled data centre technology. It stands out as one of the pioneering facilities in the Asia Pacific region, offering a full-stack environment for AI and machine learning testing within a liquid-cooled setting.

In collaboration with Dell Technologies and Intel, ResetData has established this lab to specifically assess its immersion-cooled cloud server infrastructure. Support from Castrol BP, Submer, and Siemon has further bolstered this initiative.

Situated in the basement of Sydney’s Investa’s 151 Clarence Street tower, the lab currently houses two 100kW server “pods.” These pods utilise Submer’s liquid-cooling technology along with modified Dell servers equipped with Intel chips. Notably, ResetData achieves an impressive density of 18kW per square metre in this setup.

“By working with high-performance technology providers such as Dell Technologies and Intel, we are developing the next generation of data centre technology at our test and simulation lab,” said ResetData’s co-founder and managing director Bass Salah.

Customers have the opportunity to leverage ResetData’s Liquid Cooling as a service, accessing complete liquid cooling setups that can be structured either as a capital or operational expenditure. ResetData emphasises that its technology empowers users to shrink their physical data centre footprint, resulting in cost savings on real estate expenses.

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