Revolutionary data centre innovator, ADACEN teams up with Hoonify for high-performance computing

Hoonify Technologies is partnering with ADACEN, based in Albuquerque, to integrate Hoonify’s advanced supercomputing software technology with ADACEN’s robust data centre hardware and infrastructure. This collaboration aims to deliver cutting-edge high-performance computing services not only within the United States but also at a global scale.

ADACEN specialises in tailoring data centre solutions for both public institutions and private enterprises. The company’s offerings encompass on-site data centre management and storage solutions, characterised by their innovative technology that significantly minimises water consumption and electricity usage.

“By uniting Hoonify’s software with ADACEN’s hardware, the new partnership can greatly broaden customer access to on-demand, secure and scalable supercomputing services”, said Hoonify founder and chief technology officer Victor Kuhns.

“Not only will we be able to put the power of supercomputing in our clients’ hands, but we’ll also collaborate to provide customers a new level of security and data storage,” Kuhns said in a statement. “Albuquerque has fallen behind in providing leading-edge computing solutions like high-performance computing, machine learning, and AI, but this strategic partnership will incite change in the local and broader computing ecosystem.”

Hoonify’s software can immensely increase ADACEN’s hardware capabilities almost overnight, said ADACEN founder and chief technology officer Bob Henley.

“Hoonify made more computing power available in one day on ADACEN’s infrastructure than what would have taken us one year to do,” Henley said in a statement.

Hoonify’s proprietary software enables swift deployment of those capabilities for use in everything from small computer systems to large, specialised ones, according to Hoonify’s website. The company has even built its own desktop supercomputer called “The Hoonify Cub” that’s imbedded with its proprietary software and enclosed in a compact design for customers to place on table tops.

The partnership with ADACEN will allow Hoonify to scale its markets in New Mexico and beyond, said Hoonify CEO Andrew Clark.

“ADACEN provides very high performance data-centre infrastructure that we can just run our software on,” Clark told the Journal. “We can leverage ADACEN’s national reach to expand our customer base.”

ADACEN, an acronym for ‘advanced data center’ has created new system-cooling architecture that immerses computing hardware in fluids, reducing water use to nearly zero and lowering power consumption by up to 40%, according to the company’s website. It also sizes data centres according to customer needs, offering compact data-centre “campuses” that lower land use by up to 90% and building expenses by up to 50%.

“In some cases, it’s as small as a refrigerator and fits in a truck,” Henley told the Journal. “We offer everything from large data-centre campuses to mobile ones.”

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