Rittal and AMPCONNECT paves way for an improved supply chain availability

Rittal, renowned for its comprehensive Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions, has joined forces with AMPCONNECT, a leading regional IT distributor. By joining forces, AMPCONNECT and Rittal seek to enhance the Data Centre and Customer Experience offerings, providing partners with cutting-edge solutions to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and reliability.

Rittal boasts extensive expertise and a wide array of offerings, positioning it as a singular source for data centre infrastructure solutions. Its solutions cater to various industries, including hosting & colocation, universities & education, airports & ports, hospitals & healthcare, resources & energy, and finance, including stock exchanges & insurance.

AMPCONNECT, which belongs to the Sharafi Holding Group, stands as a value-added IT distributor serving the UAE, GCC, and Africa. Its offerings includes data centre solutions, enterprise cabling solutions, computing & hyperconverged solutions, network solutions, data protection and business continuity, cyber security, cloud solutions, and industrial OT & IoT solutions. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in their collaborative efforts.

‘’The project life cycle of a typical data centre got extended well beyond these days, with the global demand for several IC chips exceeding the supply, causing longer production lead times. Having AMPCONNECT carrying inventory of the entire Rittal Data Centre portfolio that has Racks, Power, Cooling, Security, Monitoring & Remote Management systems, they add value to our clients supporting them plug the gaps in the project life cycle impacted by shortage of IC chips. AMPCONNECT has aced in their commitment to the Rittal clients through their inventory strength, data centre design capabilities and the site preparation services that they channel through their service partners, qualifying themselves to be called as a Value-Added Distributor for Rittal Data Centre Portfolio”, said Rajesh N. Rajan, Sales Manager, IT Infrastructure and Datacentre, Rittal FZE.

” We are excited to partner with Rittal to empower a broader spectrum of our partners in the realm of data centre, fortifying their capabilities and contributing to an enhanced supply chain availability. With this alliance, we are dedicated to equipping businesses with state-of-the-art products and services from Rittal, fostering the ideal environment for efficient and dependable data centre infrastructure. Together, we aim to pave the way to a new era of innovation, reliability, and excellence in the data centre arena.”, said Shaji John, General Manager – Technology Distribution, AMPCONNECT.

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