RPower and ViVaVerse Solutions to develop resilient microgrid for Houston’s HPC data center campus

RPower, a leading provider of prime and backup power solutions, has partnered with ViVaVerse Solutions to build a 17-megawatt (MW) microgrid at the ViVa Center campus in Houston, Texas.

The RPower microgrid will employ ultra-low emissions natural gas generators to deliver Resiliency-as-a-Service (RaaS) to ViVaVerse’s colocation data center operations during utility outages. Additionally, RPower will strategically deploy the microgrid across different ERCOT market programs, contributing essential capacity and ancillary services to the local electric grid.

“We are thrilled to partner with ViVaVerse to deploy this `first of its kind’ microgrid solution in the data center space,” said Jeff Starcher, CEO of RPower. “Our natural gas backup generation system delivers the same reliability and performance as traditional diesel systems, but with a 98% reduction in emissions. Further, the RPower system provides critical grid services and will respond to the volatility of renewable generation, further enabling the energy transition to a carbon-free future.”

ViVaVerse Solutions and its affiliates are converting the former Compaq Computer/HPE headquarters Campus into a cutting-edge mixed-use technology hub known as ViVa Center. This revamped campus will host the High-Performance Computing Data Center, along with spaces dedicated to technical facilities and mission-critical infrastructure.

“We’re pleased to partner with RPower on this groundbreaking initiative, which will propel both the high-performance computing infrastructure in Houston and the energy transition in Texas,” said Eduardo Morales, CEO of ViVaVerse Solutions and Morales Capital Group. “RPower’s pioneering microgrid will not only deliver essential N+1 resiliency to our data center operations but will also contribute to the local community by supplying necessary capacity during peak demand periods when the electric grid is strained.”

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