Sabey Data Centers and ECLAIRION announce referral agreement partnership

Sabey Data Centers, a premier designer, builder and operator of multi-tenant data centers, is partnering with ECLAIRION, a modular, containerized data center solution company. This mutual referral agreement partnership allows both companies to provide solutions to potential customers on a global basis.

ECLAIRION specializes in ecological and modular high-density data centers, primarily focused on providing solutions for high-density IT equipment hosting. ECLAIRION’s approach is tailored to the needs of intensive computing sites, including those requiring high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. 

An essential part of ECLAIRION’s value proposition is its commitment to improving environmental impacts, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality through the use of decarbonized energy supplies and innovative cooling technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption.

ECLAIRION is based in Paris, France. ECLAIRION is recognized as France’s first data center dedicated to high-density colocation hosting within container modules. It emphasizes sovereignty, modularity, environmental responsibility, and security, offering powerful, secure, and flexible hosting solutions for compute clusters. ECLAIRION’s innovative approach combines high performance with a commitment to sustainability.

“This agreement with Sabey, a company that has been innovating in the datacenter field for more than five decades, will allow us both to provide tailored solutions to customers globally, satisfying both their most demanding computing needs and their commitments to reduce their carbon footprint”. declares François Sabatino, President at Eclairion.

“We are excited to partner with ECLAIRION,” says Rob Rockwood, President at Sabey Data Centers. “As our clients increasingly demand the additional capacity and power required from AI-based solutions, our alliances with ECLAIRION will enable us to flexibly and rapidly meet their needs.

“In addition, ECLAIRION’s approach to sustainability aligns with our corporate goals,” Rockwood adds. “This partnership will benefit our companies, our clients and the environment as well.”  Rockwood noted that Sabey has seven data centers that have achieved ENERGY STAR compliance, as part of the company’s focus on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2029.

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