Sabey Data Centres to redefine sustainable digital infrastructure standards

Sabey Data Centres, a leading colocation data centre provider, has announced a strategic partnership with JETCOOL Technologies Inc. (JetCool). This partnership underscores Sabey’s commitment to innovation within the data centre industry and its pursuit of cutting-edge advancements in cooling solutions.

The escalating prominence of high-performance computing, coupled with the increasing utilisation of AI and edge computing, has significantly heightened the critical issue of cooling high-density environments efficiently. JetCool’s patented liquid cooling solutions target chip hot spots with precise microjets, offering a transformative approach to thermal management. These products not only lead to reductions in capital and operational expenses but also guarantee top-tier processing speeds and heightened computing densities, all without the need for extensive facility modifications.

John Sasser, Chief Technology Officer at Sabey Data Centres, expressed enthusiasm for their partnership with JetCool, stating, “Our commitment to managing our facilities as efficiently and sustainably as possible has always been of paramount importance. Through the integration of JetCool’s pioneering self-contained liquid cooling solutions, we are testing a new way to elevate the quality of our services and reinforce our position as frontrunners in the field of eco-friendly data centre solutions.”

Bernie Malouin, CEO of JetCool, added, “This journey with Sabey will showcase how data centres and colocation can enable their tenants to use less power while deploying the latest chipsets. This collaboration amplifies our collective drive to offer top-tier thermal management solutions to those aiming to optimise their data centres and high-powered computing needs.”

Sabey Data Centres is poised to lead the way in providing environmentally-conscious data centre solutions by exploring cutting-edge technologies like JetCool’s innovative cooling solutions. This partnership signifies a promising future for both organisations as they strive to push the boundaries of sustainability in the data centre landscape.

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