Scala create an engineering centre that increases data centre energy efficiency

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Scala Data Centres has announced the creation of its Centre of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), in Latin America. The CoE takes over the management of the entire design and construction chain of the company’s data centres in the region, including the stages of technical diligence, test fit, conceptual and executive projects, from construction management to commissioning.

Through the verticalisation of these stages, the company will reduce the delivery time of data centres to its colocation customers, since it will have more control and visibility of the projects carried out, in addition to having greater gains in scale. The CoE will also be responsible for developing data centre technologies and solutions with a focus on increasing operational and energy efficiency. Consequently, the company’s customers will be even better served regarding technical needs, encompassing the demands of hyperscale and edge data centres.

“The role of the CoE is crucial in ensuring an orderly and forward-looking data centre development process with world-class quality,” Eugênio Cruz, engineering director at Scala, said. “We are confident that this centre will work as a great centre of knowledge, providing a new level of technical and engineering innovation not only for Scala but for the entire segment.” 

All these projects, which are guaranteed to supply 100 per cent renewable and certified energy up to 2033, are already being conceived based on the intelligence and innovation generated by the CoE, within the company’s sustainable and long-term commitment, which is a pioneer among data centre operators in the region.

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