Scala Data Centres commences new hyperscale market in Chile

Scala Data Centres, the leading Latin American platform of sustainable data centres in the Hyperscale market, announces the start of the SSCLCR01 data centre operations, located in Curauma, Valparaíso region, Chile. This new data centre from Scala represents a significant investment of US$ 65 million, boasting a robust IT capacity of 5MW. Impressively, it has been launched with complete occupancy, exclusively serving one hyperscale customer. Positioned within the Curauma Campus, the facility is strategically poised for substantial expansion, with plans to reach a crucial capacity of around 30MW in the forthcoming years.

Scala’s new data centre is part of the company’s strategy to enable new Hyperscale markets across Latin America. In addition to the availability of land, energy, connectivity, and proximity to consolidated markets, it is based 56 miles from the Santiago metropolitan area. Curauma will establish itself on the world’s connectivity map with the arrival of the Humboldt submarine cable, which promises to connect Latin America to the Asia-Pacific regions for the first time. With around 9,500 miles of fibre, the Humboldt subsea cable will bring unprecedented scale, connection quality and lower latency between Latin America, Asia, and Oceania.

“In a scenario where 5G accelerates the deployment of various services and applications that use high data volume and require low latency, Scala has succeeded in choosing its first campus to become operational in Chile,” evaluates Scala’s CEO and Co-Founder Marcos Peigo. “Furthermore, aligned with our purpose of enabling the future in Latin America, we have created a unique opportunity here for customers positioned on the West Coast of the USA and for a potential group in APAC (Asia-Pacific and China) to offer their products and solutions to Latin American customers.”

Powered by 100% renewable and certified energy, in line with the company’s portfolio, the new Chilean data centre was built based on the proprietary and innovative One Scala Template design and construction methodology. With high efficiency in the use of its resources, the SSCLCR01 data centre was designed to operate with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) lower than 1.2-1.3 and with a WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) of zero as it uses air cooling.

The SSCLCR01 data centre project was led by the company’s pioneering Centre of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), which has more than 340 engineers, architects, and data centre specialists across Latin America. CoE oversees the planning and execution of all activities related to the construction and operation of a data centre, from site selection, through planning, design, construction, and commissioning, which speeds up delivery to customers and brings gains in scale, energy efficiency, and greater control and visibility of projects.

All SSCLCR01 data centre monitoring will be conducted by the company’s Command Centre, located at its operations headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, where a trilingual team extensively uses technology, artificial intelligence, and rigorous quality processes to monitor and ensure security, in line with Scala’s other sites in operation.

In addition to Curauma Campus, Scala continues to build Lampa Campus, in the metropolitan region of Santiago. This will be the largest data centre campus ever built in Chile with an IT capacity of 80MW, considering 30MW for initial delivery in 2024.

Scala will invest approximately US$ 400 million in Chile during the first phase of the three campuses. Strategically positioned, they will have a combined IT capacity of over 200MW, which is equivalent to around two times the total installed capacity currently in the country, or twice the critical capacity of mature markets in Europe such as Madrid.

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