Schneider Electric aims to boost its global sustainability consulting capabilities, plans to acquire EcoAct


Schneider Electric has announced its exclusive negotiations with Atos Group to acquire EcoAct, a European-based organisation. The purpose of this acquisition is to expand and strengthen Schneider Electric’s global sustainability consulting and carbon market capabilities.

EcoAct is a renowned international leader in climate consulting and Net Zero solutions. Established in France in 2006, EcoAct collaborates with clients worldwide to drive decarbonisation through climate change consulting and carbon offsets. The company offers various climate change consulting services such as net-zero strategy development, climate risk assessment, sustainability reporting, and has recently expanded its expertise in carbon markets.

Upon successful completion of the acquisition, the EcoAct team will become part of Schneider’s Sustainability Business division, which serves as a global consultant in energy management, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation. EcoAct’s service portfolio will complement and enhance Schneider’s existing market-leading offers in sustainability, including climate change advisory, risk services, sustainability reporting, disclosure, renewable energy and carbon advisory, as well as energy efficiency and energy commodities management.

Additionally, this acquisition will bring a range of digital tools and offerings, further expanding Schneider Electric’s sustainability consulting capabilities, particularly in Europe. It will also deepen Schneider’s expertise in carbon markets, which is expected to be in high demand as more corporations make commitments to decarbonisation.

“Addressing climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, yet we also know that the solutions for companies can be complex to navigate,” said Steve Wilhite, President of the Sustainability Business. “By combining forces with EcoAct, we have an opportunity to deepen our ability to serve the growing demand by our clients for consulting that drives action and impact, across new service areas and expanded geographies.”

Schneider Electric is committed to a net-zero value chain by 2050 and to driving 800 million metric tons of carbon emissions saved or avoided through its solutions for customers by 2025.

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