Schneider Electric and Compass Datacenters forge first-of-its-kind industry collaboration


Schneider Electric, a leading global company specialising in energy management and automation, has teamed up with Compass Datacenters to establish an advanced integration facility. This facility, spanning 110,000 square feet and situated next to Compass’ Red Oak campus in Texas, aims to meet the rising demand for prefabricated modular data centres.

“This collaboration reflects the changing dynamics of data centre supply chains and the competitive need for more tightly integrated vendor/supplier partnerships. The integration facility will assemble and deliver power centres for Compass facilities and will enhance our supply chain reliability, speed to market and delivery schedule integrity,” said Chris Crosby, CEO Compass Datacenters.

“We are industry leaders because our manufacturing and integration facilities provide the space, technology, and agility to enhance production velocity while nurturing novel business models, such as this partnership with Compass,” said Aamir Paul, North America President, Schneider Electric. “This modern approach we’re pursuing supports both organisations’ goals and serves as a guidepost for vendor and industry partnerships others can follow.”

The state-of-the-art facility has been designed to integrate modular data centre solutions and construct pre-engineered, prefabricated IT infrastructure, which will be supplied to Schneider’s customers throughout the United States. By leveraging an optimised supply network, Schneider can accelerate production, streamline processes, eliminate upfront engineering and design tasks, and deliver high-quality finished solutions. This innovative approach brings forth advantages in terms of speed, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. The facility will serve a diverse range of industries and sectors, including cloud and service providers, healthcare, education, telecommunications, and mining.

McKinsey research reveals that companies engaging in regular collaboration with suppliers experience superior growth, lower operating costs, and higher profitability compared to their industry counterparts. However, many businesses face challenges when it comes to integrating such an approach into their overall procurement and supply chain strategies. This underscores the significance of the partnership model established by Schneider Electric and Compass Datacenters in addressing this growing need.

Both Schneider Electric and Compass Datacenters prioritise sustainability. While Schneider aims to optimise energy and resource usage, linking progress with sustainability, Compass Datacenters incorporates sustainability measures throughout the entire lifecycle of its data centres, from design to post-delivery performance.

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