Schneider Electric prepares IT infrastructure for net-zero operations

Net-zero operations

Schneider Electric has released three independent research studies to better understand the maturity of sustainability initiatives within IT and data centre organisations, and more specifically, where the IT and data centre industry stands in achieving this vision of net-zero operations. The results of the studies, conducted by leading industry analysts, revealed a sustainability action gap.

451 Research, Forrester, and Canalys independently collected data from more than 3,000 global participants, include the largest colocation and cloud providers, IT solution providers, and IT professionals across many segments and organisation sizes. Overall, findings consistently demonstrate that across the data centre and IT industry, there is a discrepancy between where companies think they are, and implementing full lifecycle sustainability programs across their IT infrastructure.

According to the 451 Research findings, in surveying 1,100 IT professionals responsible for core and distributed IT, whereas 26 per cent of participants self-identified as having a full lifecycle sustainability program covering all the infrastructure, only 14 per cent are taking the actions to have implemented the programs. The analysis further identifies 22 per cent as not addressing sustainability as a major focus, though may have efficiency initiatives to improve specific areas of operations.

“Data centres play a critical role in driving Electricity 4.0 which we believe is the key to changing the trajectory of climate change,” Pankaj Sharma, executive vice president, secure power division at Schneider Electric, said. “As an industry, we have a responsibility to drive forward our environmental commitments with extreme urgency.

“We’ve made some progress but to avoid a major energy challenge, all data centres – including distributed edge data centres – must be more sustainable, efficient, adaptive, and resilient. The research is clear – the industry knows sustainability needs to be prioritised but challenges still exist to taking action and will take a collaborative effort to overcome. The good news is the technology to act in sustainability exists today. Now is the time to act.”

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