Schneider Electric takes leap towards sustainable digital future with latest AI tool

Schneider Electric has announced its plans to launch EcoStruxure Resource Advisor Copilot, a conversational AI tool designed to help business leaders interact with their enterprise energy and sustainability data at even greater speed.

Copilot will equip energy and sustainability teams with enhanced data analysis, visualisation, decision support, and performance optimisation, and the ability to seamlessly process intricate industry knowledge and Resource Advisor system information.

“Building a sustainable, digital future means developing innovative, responsible tools to address today’s evolving decarbonisation challenges head on. That means bringing ‘collaborative intelligence’ to life for the world’s biggest companies – simultaneously pairing cutting-edge technology with human expertise to deliver measurable outcomes,” said Steve Wilhite, President, Schneider Electric Sustainability Business. “Resource Advisor Copilot will allow our clients to work more quickly, responsibly, and confidently as they tackle resource management initiatives for their businesses, backed by the expertise from our leading global team of consultants.”

The intersection of the digital era and the impact economy presents fresh challenges for organisations. Leaders must increasingly leverage digital solutions to efficiently oversee their environmental and social responsibilities. With Copilot, Resource Advisor users can effortlessly access data, create visuals, and gain valuable insights.

Amy Cravens, Research Manager at International Data Corporation commented that, “The launch of Resource Advisor Copilot represents a new wave of digital leadership from Schneider Electric.” In her review of the enhancement, she added, “The unique ability to interact with global data and expedite insights in real time will take their clients further, faster. With a strong history of integrating artificial intelligence into their products and services, Resource Advisor Copilot is poised for responsible and scalable impact for corporate sustainability strategies.”

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