Serbia, UAE sign MoU on artificial intelligence

During the World Government Summit in Dubai, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) formalized their commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Ana Brnabic, the Prime Minister of Serbia, present at the signing ceremony, expressed that the MoU signifies an enhanced collaboration between Serbia and the UAE in the development and application of AI.

Brnabic highlighted the UAE’s achievement in creating a language model designed for instructing computers, transmitting data to them, and subsequently processing and generating responses to various inquiries. 

She likened this model to the ChatGPT based in the United States. As part of the MoU, Serbian scientific institutes, startups, and other entities have gained permission to utilize this advanced language model for their initiatives.

The memorandum was signed by Serbia’s Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanovic, the Director of the Serbian Institute for Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence, Dubravko Culibrk, and the Secretary General of the UAE’s Advanced Technology Research Council, Faisal Al Bannai.

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