ServerDomes and Fermaca Infraestructura to pioneer next-gen sustainable data centres

ServerDomes, a leading developer of ultra-high efficient and sustainable data edge data centres, announced its strategic partnership with Fermaca Infraestructura, a leading developer of infrastructure in Mexico, currently developing important digital infra and industrial transformation projects.

The partnership will give Fermaca exclusivity in building data centres for its customers using SeverDomes unique, hyper-efficient building design that uses 27% less power and 92% less water while requiring only an acre of land, making the ServerDomes proposition a more sustainable alternative to an industry which requires innovation in the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Additionally, the ServerDomes technology allows for greater speed to market and on demand CAPEX as growth needs require.

Fermaca Infraestructura, using ServerDomes technology connected to the Fermaca Networks, will enable the deployment of edge data centres which will be strategically sited along this route allowing customers to maximise low latency applications and providing a ready solution for the explosive growth of AI.

“This partnership is an amazing milestone for ServerDomes and a wonderful validation for our technology,” said David Jackson, CEO of ServerDomes. “Fermaca has a stellar reputation, and we are so impressed with Fermaca’s plans to bring best-in-class infrastructure to their clients and are truly humbled, honoured, and motivated to be part of their vision.”

The partnership will allow Fermaca to offer a fully integrated infrastructure strategy that provides long haul fibre, last mile connectivity, and data centre capabilities for its clients in Mexico and US.

“We are thrilled to partner with ServerDomes and are extremely impressed by their data centre design that has sustainability at its core, and the level of expertise their management team brings to the table,” said Ray Fletcher, CEO of Fermaca Infraestructura. “ServerDomes is exactly the right data centre at the right time and combined with our network will deliver greater value and reach to our clients and help them compete in their industries and around the world.”

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