Silicon Ranch and Tract to align renewable energy and data centre development

Silicon Ranch, one of the nation’s largest independent power producers specialising in solar energy, battery storage, and carbon solutions, and Tract, a developer of master-planned data centre parks, has announced an exclusive collaboration agreement to marry advanced renewable projects with entitled, shovel-ready sites to enable data centre operators to build green campuses more quickly while reducing development risk.

The hyperscale data centre segment has played a leadership role in the energy transition through strong commitments for operations to be carbon neutral by 2030 or sooner. As hyperscale growth continues, however, matching solar project locations and delivery timelines with data centre offtake is becoming more challenging without more advanced planning and coordination.

Silicon Ranch and Tract each bring unique capabilities and a shared vision to solve this challenge. Tract develops fully entitled, master-planned data centre parks that pre-position transmission capacity, water, sewer, roads and pads to provide its customers shorter development cycles in the form of immediately usable campuses. As part of the collaboration, Silicon Ranch initiates site acquisition and interconnection processes for owned and operated utility-scale solar and battery projects—exceeding 500MW—to directly support the scale and timing of data centres on Tract campuses in Nevada and Utah.

“Silicon Ranch has deep experience supporting hyperscale data centres, with more than 2.5 gigawatts under contract with this important customer segment. We recognise their needs are evolving and are proud that this collaboration with Tract enables us to create a next generation solution that combines shovel-ready development sites with access to pre-positioned renewable generation, uniquely tailored to the needs of these customers,” said Silicon Ranch Co-Founder and CEO, Reagan Farr. “We are pleased to take this innovative step forward in collaboration with Tract, a company that shares our commitment to responsible land stewardship and productive long-term partnerships with host communities.”

“Our relationship with Silicon Ranch has developed over the past two years based on a joint recognition that delivering speed and certainty for tomorrow’s data centre scale cannot rely on the processes and commercial models that have supported data centre growth to date,” explained Grant van Rooyen, Tract CEO and Managing Partner. “As renewable power and data centres intersect, we need to plan strategically, with a longer time horizon in mind. With Silicon Ranch, we found a partner to build thought leadership and we look forward to collaborating with them in Nevada, Utah and beyond.”

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