Sims Lifecycle Services and MOLG to establish strategic partnership for innovation

Leading industry players Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) and MOLG’s unique engagement promises to reshape the landscape of reverse data center supply chain. This collaboration represents a bold step forward for both companies, as they combine their strengths to pioneer innovative solutions and set new standards within the industry.

The cooperation will focus on automating the repurposing of OCP data center materials. In doing so, both companies will bring scale to the expanding sector as they collectively contribute to their clients’ sustainability goals.

“As our data center clients continue to expand, SLS recognizes the vital role automation will play in keeping pace with our shared growth, and our collaboration with MOLG establishes industry leading processing efficiency,” says Chris Fox, chief operating officer of Sims Lifecycle Services.

“We started MOLG with the belief that dynamic automation and circular design will usher in a new era of sustainable circular manufacturing and we are excited to be advancing this mission with an exceptional company like SLS,” said MOLG CEO, Rob Lawson-Shanks.

The alliance between SLS and MOLG is poised to initiate operations immediately, with a clear focus on delivering tangible results and fostering innovation within the data center reverse supply chain. Both companies are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and look forward to sharing updates and developments with their stakeholders.
This strategic relationship comes at an exciting time, with SLS’s parent company, Sims Limited, being named this week as the world’s most sustainable corporation on Corporate Knights’ 2024 Global 100 Index. As part of Sims Limited, SLS is proud to contribute to efforts that enhance the circularity of the tech sector and global decarbonization, by enabling more end-of-life assets and parts to be repurposed, reused and recycled.

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