Solidigm introduces the data centre industry’s largest capacity SSD


Solidigm, the NAND flash-making subsidiary of South Korea’s semiconductor titan SK Hynix, announced the release of its solid state drive (SSD) D5-P5336, a model based on quadruple-level cells (QLC) for use at data centres.

NAND flash is divided into single-level (one piece), multi-level (two), triple-level (three), or TLC, QLC (four) and penta-level cells (five) depending on how many bits of information are stored in a cell.

Solidigm’s new SSD comes in seven capacities ranging from 7.68 to 61.44 terabytes, the largest among QLC SSDs for data centers. Solidigm claims that its SSDs can store up to six times more data than a hard disk drive (HDD) in the same space and twice as much as a TLC SSD at TLC speed.

Solidigm said its new SSD overcomes these limits and is suitable for artificial intelligence and machine learning thanks to its ability to access large data volumes at high speed.

The D5-P5336 can reduce power and cooling costs and its less operating costs are 17% lower than a TLC SSD’s and 47% lower than an HDD’s.

“Modern workloads like AI and capabilities like 5G are rapidly reshaping the storage landscape,” said Greg Matson, VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing at Solidigm. “Businesses need storage in more places that is inexpensive, able to store massive data sets efficiently and access the data at speed. The D5-P5336 delivers on all three- value, density and performance. With QLC, the economics are compelling, imagine storing 6X more data than HDDs and 2X more data than TLC SSDs, all in the same space at TLC speed.”

“Today, it is clear that the primary constraint for edge workloads is the limitation of bandwidth rather than latency,” said Doug Emby, VP of Sales and Business Development at Cheetah RAID Storage. “Solidigm’s D5-P5336 QLC SSDs offer an impressive combination of capacity, performance, and reliability as a solution to overcome this challenge. The seamless integration of these Solidigm QLC SSDs with Cheetah’s high-performance servers makes them highly suitable for the efficient deployment of edge solutions.”

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