Soluna launches new AI cloud service in collaboration with leading high performance computing company

Soluna Holdings, a developer of green data centers for Bitcoin mining and other intensive computing announced a collaboration with a leading global enterprise GPU-Server, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure-as-a-service provider (the “Strategic Partner”).

Soluna Cloud, the Company’s new subsidiary focused on sustainable, scalable AI Cloud and hosting services, has signed an agreement to work with the Strategic Partner to deliver an initial cluster of NVIDIA H100 GPUs. As part of the collaboration, Soluna will work with the Strategic Partner to deliver powerful, energy-efficient supercomputers for large-scale AI projects.

Soluna Cloud will begin offering its services by leveraging the Strategic Partner’s renewable- powered high performance data centers. Their cutting-edge facilities, known for their energy efficiency and sustainability, will support the environmental sustainability of Soluna Cloud’s operations. Soluna’s new Helix data centers will serve as the growth pathway for customers, addressing the growing demand for more sustainable data centers powered by renewable energy. Additionally, this collaboration expands Soluna Cloud’s offering beyond just bare-metal infrastructure, making available the Strategic Partner’s comprehensive software solutions for AI pipelines.

John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna, expressed his excitement about teaming up with a leading global enterprise computing company, stating, “We are honored to enter this collaboration to launch Soluna Cloud. Our new partner is a leader in supercomputing and is aligned with our mission to make AI more sustainable. Partnering with them to introduce our AI Cloud services jumpstarts our enterprise operations as we finalize the development of our cutting-edge Helix data centers, specifically designed for AI applications.”

“Enterprises need platforms that allow rapid deployment of AI workloads without needing a lot of expertise, data center infrastructure, and large budgets,” added Belizaire. “The convergence of AI and Renewable energy is our novel approach to address the surging electricity demands of Generative AI.”

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