SSI Alliance unveils sustainable data center infrastructure ecosystem landscape

The Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure Alliance (SSIA), a community and open standard for sustainable enterprise and edge data center innovation, has released the first version of its sustainable data center infrastructure landscape and a dedicated working group to capture, organize and promote the hundreds of diverse companies and projects supporting a sustainable digital infrastructure future. Inspired by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Landscape, the SSI Alliance Landscape organizes and categorizes the companies and projects that enable a net zero carbon digital infrastructure future.

Investment in data center sustainability has become a priority not only for data center operators but also for digital leaders at organizations large and small that are working to align with corporate ESG goals and the communities, regulatory bodies and supply chain participants that rely on or participate in the digital infrastructure ecosystem. 

The mission of the SSIA as a community-based organization is to create, foster and drive adoption of open standards that increase the efficiency and sustainability of the data center and digital infrastructure supply chains. This new landscape provides an easy way to explore the essential hardware, software, and services companies, as well as non-profit and governmental organizations, that are participating in the sustainability trend for the complex, growing and rapidly changing digital infrastructure ecosystem.

The landscape includes public and private companies that span sectors including data center construction, cooling, operations, fluids & chemicals, silicon, building management, cloud computing, and data transfer. Furthermore, it is organized into sub-categories and each logo in the landscape opens a card that features key company information, including website, social handles, headquarters, headcount, and VC funding if applicable. The landscape also provides for a git-revisioned source repository, exportable PDF and PNG image versions and embeddable links to ensure up-to-date versions of the landscape can be used in presentations, blog posts and other content mediums.

“The data center technology and services ecosystems are undergoing rapid transformation and innovation due to increasing power demands, new cooling requirements, and a focus on optimizing space and reducing waste,” said My Truong, SSIA Chairperson and Field CTO for Equinix. “It’s been exciting to see this project unfold with a growing number of companies that play an often-invisible role in sustainability-focused infrastructure. I envision both this landscape and the SSIA community growing significantly in the coming years as more focus and effort is applied to ensuring the digital substrate of our world is as sustainable for our planet as possible.”

The landscape was spearheaded by the SSI Alliance, one of many open-source projects led by the Linux Foundation that are focused on a sustainable future.

“There are countless pieces of the data center sustainability puzzle from how the physical building is constructed to rack-level technology to packaging to waste recycling,” said Sean McIlroy, Program Manager at the Linux Foundation. “Former SSIA chairperson Zac Smith has done an excellent job leading the charge and working with the team on the landscape and his deep knowledge of the players up and down the value chain is reflected in what I know will be a growing ecosystem of companies.”

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