ST Engineering breaks ground on new data center

When completed in 2026, the new seven-storey facility will increase the Group’s total IT capacity to more than 30MW across four locations in Singapore. The new data centre has a capex outlay of about $120m over the next three years.

What makes this latest facility stand out is its high security and energy efficiency standards. Designed for customers who place physical Cyber IT & OT security as top priority, this facility meets international standards, including the ISO 27001 for cybersecurity to protect sensitive data assets, and ISO 42001 for trustworthy and responsible AI development. The data centre’s advanced security features include redundancy, business continuity, information and intellectual property protection. Notwithstanding its many features, it achieves a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25, which is well within the BCA-IMDA Green Mark Platinum threshold standard of 1.3.

“This new data centre sets new standards in security and sustainability, and we have received strong interest from customers who place priorities in these areas,” said Low Jin Phang, President of Digital Systems business at ST Engineering. “The new data centre further strengthens ST Engineering’s digital business offerings in Cloud, AI Analytics and Cybersecurity.”

Designed to accommodate high power density AI and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-based workloads in excess of 20KW per rack, the data centre is designed to ensure adaptability for future AI and GPU-based workloads through partnerships with leading GPU industry players.

To meet the rack power requirements, the data centre will support various cooling systems, such as the Group’s proprietary Airbitat DC Cooling System, as well as liquid cooling and immersion cooling systems. In addition, 2,400sqm of solar panels (about the size of nine tennis courts) will be installed to reduce reliance on the grid.

Located within a gazetted zone, the new DC offers a multi-level security features and high levels of redundancy to ensure its integrity and protect customers’ information assets and intellectual property, while still meeting the rigorous Green Mark Platinum standards.

The security and efficiency standards will appeal to customers from business segments which values high physical and IT security. The data centre is also able to go beyond Tier 3, which meets TIA-942, Uptime, TVRA, IM8 standards.

AI Ready

The data centre accommodates high power density AI and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-based workloads in excess of 20KW per rack, through partnerships with established GPU industry leaders to provide AI workloads for customers.

The data centre is also designed for future AI and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-based workloads, which will inevitably require higher power density, while flexible enough to incorporate new and emerging cooling technologies and standards.

Green Features

As a premier facility for secure and intensive AI operations, the data centre is a model of sustainable design and operational excellence. It is designed to achieve a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.3, well within that required by the BCA-IMDA Green Mark standard.

The DC will also support various cooling systems, including liquid cooling and immersion cooling. In addition, solar panels will also be installed to offset energy requirements with green energy.

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