STACK achieves 100 per cent renewable energy in Americas portfolio

STACK Infrastructure (STACK), has announced that effective from 31st December 2021, it now operates its Americas portfolio on 100 per cent renewable energy.

The company reached this milestone in accordance with its OnePurpose program, which is dedicated to improving environmental, social, and governance practices (ESG). Operating sustainable infrastructure is a collective duty, and STACK partnered with its clients in aligning its environmental goals to continue to operate facilities using 100 per cent renewable energy on an ongoing basis.

As demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow, STACK says that its OnePurpose program represents a paramount company-wide focus to maintain and expand its data centre capacity with accountability and integrity.

“We are delighted to have achieved our initial 100 per cent renewable energy commitment and to be making demonstrable progress toward our sustainability and responsible business practice goals,” said chief strategy officer, STACK Americas Matthew VanderZanden.

“At STACK, we take climate change seriously and believe the best way to make rapid, wide-ranging progress is to set far-reaching goals. Achieving this impactful target is just one example of our extensive efforts within the OnePurpose program focused on making lasting change.

“Our multi-part roadmap of initiatives ultimately addresses our lifecycle carbon footprint and supports STACK’s broader sustainability strategy while also contributing to and supporting our client’s ESG goals. STACK is proud to partner with our clients and continues to improve our data centre development and operations for a more sustainable world.”

The companies success in implementing its 100 per cent renewable energy initiative comes on the heels of several significant development announcements. In the last month, STACK has announced three new data centre campus projects, expanding its data centre development and operations across the globe.

Beyond its commitment to renewable energy and designing, building, and operating efficient, low water-use facilities, STACK is also testing other avenues of more environmentally friendly processes and technology. They are utilising low-carbon concrete and recycled steel to reduce the embodied carbon in their new facilities, as well as piloting the use of fossil-free renewable diesel fuel, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), and scale battery deployments as alternatives to fossil diesel for backup energy needs.

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