STACK Infrastructure expands AI-ready data center capabilities 

STACK Infrastructure, the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies and a leading global developer and operator of data centers, positions itself as the premier developer for the future era of data centers, leveraging its established AI-Ready capabilities built upon STACK’s proven, customizable design. With a history of supporting high-density workloads, STACK reinforces its position as a pioneering partner to the world’s foremost technology providers.

“STACK was built for the world’s largest innovators, and from the beginning, we have prioritized the long-term scalability of our clients with a flexible data center design,” said Matt VanderZanden, Chief Operating Officer of STACK Americas. “As an AI-Ready digital infrastructure company with a proven track record of high-density deployments, STACK is building upon this foundation to continually address evolving client needs.”

STACK achieves optimal cooling for high-density AI workloads through its closed-loop water cooling systems, offering flexibility to meet diverse cooling requirements including customizable solutions that can support up to 30kW per rack with traditional air cooling; up to 50kW per rack with rear door heat exchangers; up to 100kW per rack with direct-to-chip liquid cooling; and up to and exceeding 300+kW per rack with immersion cooling in the future. 

STACK’s extensive portfolio of operating data centers, all designed based on cost-efficient and proven models, exemplifies its ability to swiftly deliver gigawatts of scale, coupled with expertise in cooling systems enabling greater and greater deployment densities, and affirms STACK as the ideal data center developer for sustained growth in the age of AI.

STACK’s global footprint of campuses spans major data center markets across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, offering a vast powered land portfolio, sustainable building solutions, and high-density cooling optionality for the next generation of AI-Ready data centers.

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