STACK Infrastructure secures $3.3 billion in green financing

STACK Infrastructure, the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies and a leading global developer and operator of data centers, has announced a cumulative fundraise of $3.3 billion in green financing for global data center development. Recent successes in green financing have prompted STACK to develop a global Sustainable Financing framework that aligns with both the Green and Social Impact Loan Principles. This Framework will expand and streamline STACK’s sustainable financing qualification process. To date, STACK has secured financing exceeding $11 billion to fund the development of its global portfolio of scalable campuses.

To support STACK’s expanding Silicon Valley presence, $1.4 billion has been allocated to develop water and energy-efficient digital infrastructure while simultaneously extending regional investment and employment opportunities. Moreover, $750 million will be directed towards STACK facilities in Loudoun County, Virginia, further integrating cutting-edge cooling solutions while incorporating low-carbon materials into the design, such as green concrete and recycled steel.

“Our success in acquiring the capital necessary for responsible growth continues to provide investor and client confidence in STACK’s development capabilities across key global markets,” stated Brian Cox, CEO, STACK Americas. “Our top priority is to assist our clients in meeting their sustainability targets with the speed, scale, and certainty required to deliver efficient, AI-ready capacity.”

STACK’s campuses in Milan, Italy will benefit from $1.2B of the cumulative green financing to support water-efficient infrastructure and enhanced power-usage effectiveness. In addition, electric vehicle charging stations, e-waste recycling programs, as well as land use and biodiversity initiatives, such as public garden area redevelopment and the inclusion of domestic beehive colony settlements, will be incorporated into the surrounding areas.

“STACK has made environmental responsibility within our operational communities a cornerstone of our growth strategy,” stated John Eland, CEO, STACK EMEA. “Our dedication to sustainable practices and obtaining green financing empowers STACK to expedite and fulfill our ESG initiatives.”

With support from IPI Partners, a global investment platform focused exclusively on digital infrastructure and other technology and connectivity-related real assets, along with other dedicated financing partners, STACK delivers cutting-edge data center campuses globally. This supports innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other transformative technologies. Guided by a principled site selection process that prioritizes the betterment of surrounding areas and continual investment in local economies, STACK’s responsible development practices ensure that the company’s growth benefits its clients and the communities in which it operates.

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