Standards to measure IT’s impact on sustainability released

standards, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing global sustainability through technology leadership, has released the first-ever set of standards that measure the environmental impact of building, running and managing information technology (IT) operations.

SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0 provides essential metrics and definitions for energy consumption, emissions, waste, and sourcing. It is hoped that this new set of standards will help organisations consistently and accurately gauge IT’s environmental impact, set goals, and track progress for improving the sustainability of technology operations.

SustainableIT’s new standards include two spheres of impact and benefits: ‘in IT’, for the direct impact of IT operations, and ‘by IT’, for the impact from an organisation’s use of IT. The individual standards are decision-support metrics tailored to technology’s impact on the environment. SustainableIT standards are compatible with global GRI, SASB, and TCFD standards and serve as a reference for companies to measure, improve, and report.

The SustainableIT Standards Development and Review Committee approved the new standards. The group’s seven founding members include Katherine Wetmur, managing director at Morgan Stanley; Brian Kirkland, CIO, Choice Hotels International; Ivneet Kaur EVP, CTO, Sterling; Srini Koushik, CIO, Rackspace; Vipul Nagrath, Senior Vice President, ADP; Niklas Sundberg, SVP/CIO global solutions division, Assa Abloy; and Jedidiah Yueh, founder and CEO, Delphix.

SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0 is the first foundational tool in’s integrated portfolio of programs and resources, with the organisation also currently developing social and governance standards. Related resources will include self assessments, team education, tailored workshops, and communities of practice, which will drive sustainability progress and public awareness.

In addition to the launch of its new standards, continues to grow its executive team with the recent appointment of Rick Pastore as Research Principal. Rick will focus on turning transformative ideas and goals into actionable insights and tools that can educate, inspire, engage, and advance sustainability within IT departments and their organisations.

“We are still early in a major digital transformation cycle, where more and more business processes will be driven by IT. The continued rapid adoption of technology comes at an increasing cost to the environment and cannot go unchecked,” said Jedidiah Yueh, founding director of and Delphix Founder and CEO. “These standards will help IT leaders contain the environmental cost of IT, while using technology to drive more sustainable businesses and industries.”

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