Submer fully submerges into Open Compute Project community

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Submer, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for Cloud, Edge and data centre computing, has announced a collection of initiatives established to fully support the community in its adoption of immersion cooling technologies. The schemes provide support to users at all stages of adoption from planning and testing to maintenance and operations.

This latest move comes after a successful investment from sustainability-focused growth funds earlier this year, and the company’s commitment to supporting the wider adoption of Immersion cooling through its innovative technology and in-house expertise.  

With five in schemes in total, Submer says that it is ensuring the Open Compute Project (OCP) community is fully surported no matter which stage they are at in adopting Immersion cooling.

Following the announcement of Submer’s Gigafactory in Houston earlier this year, at the core of the strategy is a brand-new factory in Barcelona. The new facility will ramp up to a capacity of 50 MW per month by Q3 2023 to support the demand for Immersion and drive wider adoption of the technology.  

In addition, it will house a best-in-class Immersion Center of Excellence and Certification Lab that includes Fluid, IT hardware, and immersion platform certification services under ISO 17025 . The facilities will be available to all members of The Open Compute Project (OCP) community to test and validate the technology and its integration aligned with Submer’s commitment to supporting adoption at any stage. The lab is a key element of Submer’s Customer Briefing Center and Product Showroom, the largest in the industry, that aims to show how a next-generation Hybrid and Immersion Datacenter will be operated and sustained. The formal inauguration of the factory is planned for November 2022 with customers already securing production capacity and attending executive briefing facilities. 

Daniel Pope, co-founder and CEO of Submer, said: “We are very excited by the opportunities ahead of us and the OCP community . This is not only an opportunity to support the greater adoption of Immersion, but it also allows us to work together as an industry to ensure standards of quality and service are held to a high bar. Submer will be at the forefront of the industry to assist and support those who need it. Only by working together can we meet the crucial sustainability requirements and ensure infrastructure is ready for the future.” 

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