Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance launches 2021 Annual Report

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The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) has announced the launch of its first annual report, showcasing the impact achievable within digital infrastructure through multi-industry collaboration.

Last year, the SDIA doubled its membership, gaining 56 new members, inclusive of 14 new partnerships — assembling together 646 individuals across the entire value chain, progressing key activities in the Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030, and expanding initiatives through its Steering Groups.

SDIA CEO, Daan Terpstra said: “It has been extremely positive to see the Alliance rapidly growing in members, partners, and emerging innovators. We doubled our members in 2021, which proves the importance of sustainability in digital infrastructure development. As well as showcasing the impact, and resonance our Roadmap has had with various industry actors.” 

“2021 was also a transitional year for the SDIA, with the organisation moving from the conceptual and theoretical work of creating the SDIA Roadmap to the practical, real-world implementation of the Roadmap Activities in each of its Steering Groups,” Terpstra emphasised.

In 2021, the SDIA put in place a strong foundation for transforming outdated approaches to sustainability and focused on developing new opportunities for stakeholders across the digital sector, from EU policymakers to companies, national trade organisations, and research institutions to collaborate on sustainability goals only achievable with the standardisation of sustainability metrics, transparency, and open data.

SDIA’s Founder, Max Schulze, is focused on advancing the work of the Steering Groups with members, creating the business cases, financial models, research, platforms, and metrics that will serve as a catalyst for sustainable change.

“In 2021, we spent significant time on defining the Digital Carbon Footprint framework but did not complete this particular task. The Digital Carbon Footprint is important to quantify and measure the progress we are making. In 2022, our focus will be on delivering this part of the Roadmap and concentrating our energy on our Steering Groups. Tackling sustainability – from an economic, social, and environmental perspective – means addressing the trends I have outlined above. Do you want to be part of the movement that drives change and reap the benefits? Join us,” Schulze said.

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