Swiss data centre firm launches data centre campus in Zurich

Swiss data centre company, Green, is building its major Zurich Metro Campus project on an area of more than 46,000 metres square in Dielsdorf, near Zurich. It consists of three high-performance data centres (M, N and O) for cloud providers and companies, as well as a business park with several office buildings.

The first data centre was occupied by major customers in December 2022 and has now officially gone into operation. The next stages have already been planned.

Data center M is one of the most advanced data centres in Switzerland in terms of performance, connectivity, security and energy efficiency. The 5,600 metres square of usable data centre space provides room for around 80,000 servers and enables high-density computing, which is especially in demand by public cloud providers. Green designed the data centres with high power density in mind, while at the same time optimising energy efficiency with its local teams.

“Data center M is a flagship project in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability,” explained COO, Andrea Campomilla, who is responsible for Green’s data centres.

The architecture, choice of materials, room design, systems and cooling concept were all optimised. The latter ensures that, whenever possible, ambient air is used for cooling rather than mechanical and energy-intensive solutions. Photovoltaic installations on the roof of the building and the use of renewable energy complete the sustainability concept. Green achieves top scores, with a PUE value close to 1. The use of waste heat is also considered exemplary. The planned district heating system will allow more than 3,500 households as well as commerce and industry in the region to benefit from climate-neutral heating and process heat from data centre M.

The next stages of the expansion have been determined: civil engineering work on the south office building started in January 2023. A portion of the approximately 3,000 metres quare office space will be used by Green to ensure the smooth operation of the high-performance data centres on site and to maintain close contact with customers. Additional office space will be leased.

Green has accelerated its growth and innovation program in Switzerland. The next step is the construction of data centres N and O. Due to demand, construction will begin as early as 2023. “We are constantly investing in innovation and are growing in a customer-oriented and sustainable way,” said Roger Süess, CEO of Green.

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