Syntropy prioritise rethinking the internet through their new website

Syntropy has unveiled its new website which provides high-level transparency of the company’s services, what technology is implemented, and breaks down why the services are critical for any user to deploy when navigating the web.

This cutting-edge shift to managing global internet access leverages various technologies including blockchain, encryption, optimised routing, and offers an economic model that enables and fosters further deployment of the company’s network architecture. The support the company receives from their team, investors, and community is very important and played a key role in their redesigned website.

“I have always believed that the Syntropy community is one of the highest quality groups based on the sheer number of intelligent, dedicated, and passionate people who deeply understand our mission’s value,” Domas Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy, said. “Support is one of the highest validations that we are doing something of fundamental importance.” 

The new website helps users dive into the new technology and even shows what is happening live in action. The company showcases an interactive DARP network and routing page for users to experience the technology themselves. DARP is the decentralised autonomous routing protocol that Syntropy uses to understand and analyse the internet’s pathways.

The platform also helps both developers and non-tech users understand the importance of the company’s innovative technology in their new frequently asked questions page, explaining their new services, what technology they use within their services, how to utilise their NOIA Tokens, and more.

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