Systech and EH Integrated Systems to operate AI data center and provide gen-AI digital solutions

Systech Berhad, a deep-rooted digital corporate solutions provider, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with EH Integrated Systems Sdn. Bhd., a company specialises in the provisioning of industrial-grade servers and storage solutions. This strategic partnership aims to advance the establishment and operation of AI data centers and provide Generative AI digital solutions in Malaysia.

EISSB, known for its expertise in providing high-performance computing infrastructure and a SuperMicro distributor, is committed to work closely with Systech to integrate innovative technologies and solutions that support efficient and secure high-performing AI data center operations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone towards strengthening Malaysia’s digital transformation and meeting the growing demand for powerful computing power to handle large-scale processing tasks, such as Generative AI digital solutions.

Under this Agreement, Systech will focus on operating AI data center, hosting and deploying applications and software via the computing power of AI data center. This includes designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software to ensure compatibility with EISSB’s infrastructure and achieving optimal performance for the Project. Whereas EISSB’s responsibilities include design, implementation and monitoring of the data center infrastructure, such as storage systems, networking, and cooling systems. Together, Systech and EISSB aims to jointly operate the data center and provide generative AI computing solutions for the customers.

Executive Director of Systech Berhad, Dato’ Derrick Hooi commented, “This partnership represents a pivotal move in our strategic growth plan. By leveraging our expertise in Internet of Things (“IOT”), Digital Transformation and Automation and Cybersecurity, and with the support of EISSB high-performance AI data center infrastructure, we are poised to deliver superior Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) data center and AI digital solutions that will enhance our service offerings and drive our expansion into new markets. We look forward to a successful collaboration that will unlock potential of both companies”.

Mr. Sim Chin Yee, Managing Director of EH Integrated Systems, added, “We are thrilled to join forces with Systech in this venture. Our expertise in high-performance computing and custom software development, combined with Systech’s capabilities in system integration and cybersecurity, we will not only meet the increasing demands for data processing and storage but also drive the advancement of Malaysia’s digital ecosystem.

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