Taylor County and the City of Abilene announce a partnership with Lancium to develop a $2.4 Billion Data Center Campus.

Taylor County and the City of Abilene have approved a project with Lancium, a Houston-based energy technology and infrastructure company, to build a large scale, renewable energy powered data center campus in Abilene and Taylor County. This will be the largest project in Abilene and Taylor County history and is pending final negotiations with Taylor County, the City of Abilene, and the Development Corporation of Abilene. The project will begin at 200 megawatts with an expansion capacity of over 1 gigawatt.

“We are very proud to be part of the community and build one of our flagship Clean Campuses in Abilene,” said Michael McNamara, Co-founder and CEO of Lancium. “We chose Abilene for our second Clean Campus because of its ideal location, proximity to abundant wind and solar generation, high-quality workforce and the opportunities to grow in the future. We want to thank the city, county and all of the members of the economic development team that worked together to help make this significant milestone possible.”

Lancium and its customers plan to invest $2.4 billion over 20 years, create 57 full-time jobs, and build their Clean Compute Campus on approximately 800 acres in Taylor County and Abilene. This new development is expected to solidify the region as a major provider of renewable energy, while simultaneously hosting Bitcoin mining and other energy-intensive applications. Breaking ground in the first quarter of 2022, the Clean Compute Campus will initially contain approximately 100,000 square feet of industrial electric services equipment and data servers.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement that will utilize and revitalize 800 acres of land,” said Taylor County Judge Downing Bolls. “This partnership is historic with Lancium’s projected investment of approximately $2.4 billion in improvements to real property in the County.”

Lancium specialises in green, low-cost infrastructure whose solutions help ensure that renewable energy can power our future. The company uses its proprietary Smart Response software to enable the campus to act as a “Controllable Load Resource,” which allows the grid to absorb more renewable energy.

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