TelCables South Africa upgrades to meet growing demands

TelCables South Africa has enhanced its backbone network infrastructure to support the increasing data traffic within the Southern African market. This upgrade aims to deliver faster and more secure connectivity, reinforcing their commitment to providing a wide range of secure connectivity solutions.

Mahen Naidu, Head of Business Solutions at TelCables South Africa, explains: “We have experienced double-digit growth in traffic over our network in recent months and have increased our bandwidth from 500 Gbps to 800 Gbps to provide more seamless connectivity and improved performance to meet the growing demand from business to better manage their SD-WAN, Cloud and data traffic requirements.”

TelCables, a subsidiary of Angola Cables specializing in ICT solutions and services, has recently expanded its network infrastructure with the addition of two new points of presence (PoPs) at NTT Parklands and Xneelo Samrand in Johannesburg. This expansion complements their existing Durban PoP at the Teraco Riverhorse DB1 data centre.

With these enhancements, TelCables now offers customers 100GE capabilities via Teraco JB1 in Johannesburg, Teraco CT1 in Cape Town, and Teraco DB1 in Durban. This upgrade empowers network providers and operators to expand their networks, grow their customer base, and adjust traffic flows seamlessly, avoiding disruptions and multiple cross-connect fees.

Powered by the Angola Cables global subsea network, TelCables ensures improved routing options to markets in Latin America, the USA, and Europe. This capability is crucial for customers affected by cable disruptions in the Red Sea, providing them with efficient redundancy routing solutions.

Naidu says: “The upgrades will ensure that we can accommodate more traffic from both existing and new cables and offer better, more flexible options for the transit of IP traffic across the continent and to other parts of the world.”

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