Telia Carrier expand data centre presence in a region with sustainable green power

Telia Carrier has announced that it has expanded its partnership with Flexential, adding a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the Flexential Hillsboro 2 data centre in Oregon, bringing improved diversity and high-speed connectivity to content and cloud providers in the Silicon Forest region. 

The company’s expansion in Hillsboro gives customers more options to directly connect in the market avoiding backhaul and latency. Hillsboro continues to grow as a key connection point for subsea cable landings and international traffic from Asia. The new PoP in Flexential’s data centre addresses the demand for increased bandwidth and resilience in the Pacific Northwest.

“Adding a new PoP in the Hillsboro 2 data centre is part of Telia Carrier’s overall growth initiative helping to expand our reach to support new cloud regions, applications and content on the West Coast,” Stephen Hartman, head of North America sales for Telia Carrier, said. “Fulfilling demand from the subsea cables coming into the Flexential facility in Hillsboro from Asia Pacific regions, we support the needs of current and future customers, and enhance the ecosystem as one of the strategic sites servicing the region.”

In recent years, large-scale data centre construction in the region has accelerated in the last decade due to terabit traffic demands and the abundance of sustainable, low-cost hydropower, as well as tax incentives and green power sources.

“With our Portland-Hillsboro data centre campus expanding this fall to include a third facility, we are reinforcing our 20-year commitment to building and operating a highly connected data centre footprint in the Pacific Northwest,” Ryan Mallory, chief operating officer of colocation services for Flexential, said. “With the addition of the Telia Carrier PoP at this location, we are better able to support our growing customer base by offering them additional carrier choice and connectivity to one of the worlds largest global IP backbones.”

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