Telkom and Indosat partners for interconnected IX ecosystem in Indonesia

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) and PT Indosat Tbk (Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison or Indosat or IOH), two main leaders of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia, has announced a strategic partnership to strengthen digital infrastructure through the  Internet ecosystem Exchange (IX) . 

Andreuw Th AF, CEO of NeutraDC,  enthusiastically stated, “NeutraDC is very pleased to be able to establish a strong collaboration with BDx Indonesia, which aims to improve Indonesia’s digital infrastructure. As a leading provider in  the largest neutral ecosystem  that includes AI, CDN, connectivity and  cloud services , NeutraDC is ready to catalyze the democratization of internet access throughout Indonesia with its large population. This bold step could open up limitless opportunities for Indonesia’s digital economy, bringing change to the regional digital landscape.”

Mayank Srivastava, CEO of BDx , stated “with the expanded portfolio, BDx Indonesia is now the largest provider of  carrier-neutral data centers  in Indonesia. This collaboration is a major step towards creating the most connected Digital Mesh Infrastructure for Indonesia, a vision supported by BDx Indonesia and Neutra DC.”

Through a strategic partnership, the two big telecommunications players agreed to empower their respective data center businesses, where NeutraDC is the data center entity of Telkom Indonesia and BDx Indonesia is Indosat’s data center business partner. Currently, the wave of digital transformation is running massively and the increasing demand for data centers in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia, has created strategic collaboration opportunities. The rapid expansion in the  e-commerce sector  and the adoption of technology in business processes has also given a big boost to the need for reliable data center infrastructure. 

This collaboration will increase collocation capability and capacity. With the connected IX ecosystem, users can certainly experience the flexibility of using various services through a one-stop security architecture.  

As part of this collaboration, all parties have identified key focus points for the IX ecosystem, focusing on  carrier-neutral locations  that meet tier 3 standards and are spread across main cities in Indonesia. NeutraDC and BDx Indonesia will manage several independent IXs, together providing technical assistance and support to create a resilient IX ecosystem interconnection, increase internet infrastructure resilience and create a more efficient national internet framework.

Telkom, through NeutraDC, has played a key role in supporting this transformation. Currently NeutraDC has  hyperscale  data centers in Cikarang and Batam. Not only  hyperscale , NeutraDC also has  enterprise data centers  spread across several points throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, BDx Indonesia, has facilities across the major islands, operates a portfolio of  enterprise  and  hyperscale data centers  in Jakarta and West Java, is developing  a special hyperscale  campus  in Suryabuat, East Jakarta, along with  greenfield development that supports Artificial Intelligence (AI)  workloads  . 

Ririek Adriansyah, President Director of Telkom Indonesia,  emphasized that Telkom Indonesia’s increasingly strong presence in Asia Pacific will have a significant impact on the quality of internet services. So, it can speed up access to information which has a positive impact on society at large. This also emphasizes TelkomGroup’s commitment to providing unlimited services to customers, as well as encouraging digital economic growth in the region. “Through strategic collaboration and utilizing all the services we have, we have benchmarks for service quality. “Through the expertise of NeutraDC and BDx Indonesia, we are confident that we can create innovative and efficient information access solutions, so that they can meet the dynamic needs of society in facing the regional digital economy.”

Vikram Sinha ,  President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison,  said, “The big goal of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison is to connect and empower every Indonesian community. The collaboration agreed upon through BDx Indonesia will help significantly strengthen Indonesia’s internet network infrastructure and accelerate equitable digitalization in the country. “In the spirit of mutual cooperation, this collaboration shows Indosat’s commitment to unlocking the potential of Indonesia’s digital economy for the welfare of the wider community.”

By establishing this collaboration, Vikram emphasized that both Telkom and Indosat have not only demonstrated a shared commitment to advancing digital infrastructure, encouraging innovation, supporting Indonesia’s economic growth through more efficient connectivity, but furthermore both of them have further strengthened Indonesia’s position as a global data center player and become  the data center hub  for Southeast Asia.

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