Telstra InfraCo to open two carrier-neutral data centres

Telstra InfraCo announced it will create a pair of carrier-neutral data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. The company said the centres would provide greater flexibility for customers working with other carriers for their connectivity.

“InfraCo data centres provide highly secure, reliable, and flexible environments for network operators and service providers, such as global carriers, internet service providers and over the top providers, to connect out to their business locations, facilities and other data centre operators,” Rachel Johnson-Kelly, exchanges and infrastructure executive at Telstra’s InfraCo, said. “These Data Centres provide 100 per cent power availability targets, which are backed by service levels and rebates. They use dual grid feeds with state-of-the-art equipment and support for high power densities, allowing customers to scale on request, without the need to re-configure powering requirements to deliver big data analytic services and peak workloads.”

Depending on uptake of the offering, the company could roll it out to another seven data centres. The company also said they would own or have renewable energy generation contracts equal to all the energy use used in its entire operations.

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