TES makes major investment to expand data centre services

TES has recently disclosed a significant multimillion-dollar investment aimed at expanding its presence and workforce in the data centre sector. This substantial financial commitment is geared towards bolstering infrastructure and attracting skilled professionals, further solidifying TES’s dedication to providing top-tier services throughout the data centre retirement process.

TES Americas General Manager Bill Vasquez spoke about the company’s strong existing capabilities and its vision to elevate these to be best in class: “TES’s global footprint and scale is ideal for fully supporting the data centre space from edge computing to large hyperscale decommissioning projects.”

The key element of this investment initiative involves the establishment of a specialised, purpose-built facility in Virginia. Spanning an impressive 128,000 square feet, this facility will exclusively handle ITAD data centre asset processing. It will be equipped to deliver all-encompassing solutions, handling every aspect of the retirement process, including full data centre decommissioning, testing/repair, data sanitisation, and disposition.

In conjunction with the infrastructure development, TES has been actively recruiting a dedicated team of experts with specialised knowledge in the hyperscale data centre domain.

Eric Ingebretsen, TES chief commercial officer, shared his views on the company’s robust current capabilities and the strategic importance of this investment:

“Being able to process and disposition data centre assets globally has been a core competency for TES for a while now. The goal of this investment is to enable the processing and dispositioning of data centre assets at the hyperscale level, which drives a fundamentally different approach. Processing 5,000 drives at a time is one thing; being able to process 100,000 drives at a time is something entirely different.”

Vice President of Hyperscale Remarketing Keith Layton added, “In my 27 years of secondary market IT resell, I have never experienced the volatility that we have today. With a true global presence, TES is uniquely positioned to weather the storm, grow throughout the U.S. hyperscale market, and provide world-class services to our global customers.”

This substantial financial commitment not only underscores TES’s dedication to providing top-tier ITAD solutions, but it is also a scalable global solution for data centres. Capable of managing projects of any scale, the approach being deployed in the United States will serve as a model for similar expansions in TES geographies worldwide.

Since its formation, TES has grown to become a global leader in sustainable technology services, providing comprehensive solutions for technology devices from deployment and decommissioning to disposition, all the way through to recycling and end-of-life repurposing.

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