Tonomus launches NEOM’s first digital communications facility


TONOMUS, NEOM’s cognitive technology company, has unveiled its cornerstone project, the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications centre. This state-of-the-art centre comprises a high-capacity, efficient data centre and supporting infrastructure. Its primary purpose is to bolster the availability, resilience, and expansion of 5G, satellite, and fibre cable network connectivity. Furthermore, it enables the delivery of secure private cloud services within the NEOM region.

The centre represents a key upgrade to NEOM’s existing ICT infrastructure and will offer some of the highest and most reliable network speeds anywhere in the world.

As a cornerstone of the broader digital infrastructure envisaged for NEOM, the Center’s advanced, scalable capabilities will empower NEOM’s networks to keep pace with future demands, and support next-generation, automated technologies and enterprise, as well as the provision of predictive, cognitive services across the region.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, Chief Executive Officer of NEOM, said: “The launch of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications centre is another important milestone in the development of NEOM. This centre will play a part in realising our vision for a smart, cutting-edge region that prioritises livability, where infrastructure and services are designed to give people time back to live their lives to the fullest. It will raise competitiveness in the global ICT industry and support both businesses and individuals who will call NEOM home.”

The completion of the facility demonstrates TONOMUS’ ability to deliver advanced, future-proof digital infrastructure in collaboration with leading global technology vendors and industry partners and is a key component of the company’s strategy to become a foremost supplier of ICT and digital services.

Joseph Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of TONOMUS, said: “The TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications centre will be a powerful catalyst for NEOM, supporting secure, near-instant information exchange and fast decision making across all its sectors. It will also enable the predictive intelligence and cognitive solutions to create the sustainable, livable and equitable future that we aim to make possible in NEOM and beyond. The centre represents a significant expansion of TONOMUS’ service portfolio and evidence of our world-leading ability to create infrastructure that fuels innovation and the digital economy.”

The facility site, spanning an area of 18,000m2, will also serve as a hub for ongoing collaboration with telecommunications solution providers and technology partners, fostering innovation to support ongoing enhancements and improvements to NEOM’s digital network capabilities. Its strategic location in Oxagon, where it will benefit from integration with the reimagined industrial city’s broader innovative ecosystem, will allow the centre to offer the secure, resilient, highly capable networks needed to deploy autonomous technologies and infrastructure, support advanced and clean industries, and provide a competitive advantage to future tenants.

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