TSS announces groundbreaking relocation service, Data Center Moves

Total Site Solutions, a provider of data center services that reduce complexity and time-to-value through the integration of high-performance computing infrastructure and software, has announced its newest service offering, Data Center Moves, an innovative relocation service offering. The service is designed to help businesses manage their critical infrastructure while ensuring seamless transitions and minimizing disruptions before, during and after the relocation process.

The TSS Data Center Moves Service ensures:

Efficiency and Agility: TSS’s relocation process begins with a detailed understanding of customer needs ensuing minimal downtime, flexibility, and speed to make sure all needs are quickly met in the new location.

Risk Mitigation: TSS’s experience, knowledge, and attention to detail mitigates risk by safeguarding critical assets and minimizing service disruptions.

Standard Logistics: TSS prioritizes facility readiness – in both the original location and recipient location – along with the appropriate technical skillset to handle specific equipment and the correct physical necessities like packing material and trucks.

Cost Savings: By leveraging TSS’s expertise, companies can avoid costly mistakes and optimize their relocation budget. TSS assigns experienced Program Management to rapidly deliver a complete solution.

Simplified Complexity: TSS has a wealth of experience deploying, managing and moving some of the most complex hardware and software deployments in the data center market today bringing a talented team to your project that can simplify the process and reduce complexity.

“In today’s hyperconnected environment, businesses face unprecedented challenges when relocating their data centers,” said Darryll Dewan, CEO of TSS. “Whether it is scaling up, optimizing performance, or ensuring business continuity, the stakes for a data center move are high. Our experts understand the intricacies of relocating infrastructure and have the capacity and commitment to rapidly delivering exceptional value to our customers by simplifying the complexity of move planning and execution.”

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