Velo Technologies partners with Infinaxis Data Center

Velo Technologies (TelcoHubX), a renowned end-to-end data centre and managed service provider in Malaysia unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Infinaxis Data Centre Sdn. Bhd., a renowned leader in data center facility provision in Malaysia.

Infinaxis Data Centre, strategically located in Cyberjaya, is currently undergoing construction and is scheduled to achieve Ready for Service (RFS) status by the second quarter of 2025. Here’s a snapshot of the forthcoming facility:

1. Capacity: With a robust 12MW IT load capacity, the facility is primed to address extensive data processing and storage needs, catering to the evolving demands of businesses.

2. Carrier-Neutral: Infinaxis Data Centre is carrier-neutral, fostering seamless interconnection with multiple telecommunications carriers. This feature empowers clients with unparalleled flexibility in selecting their network providers.

3. Building Design: Boasting seven storeys, the facility is meticulously designed to accommodate the growth trajectory of businesses. Five levels are earmarked for data center halls, with each level housing two halls, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

4. Floor Loading: The facility’s impressive floor loading capacity of 20kN/m2 underscores its resilience in supporting heavy IT infrastructure, guaranteeing structural integrity and operational continuity.

5. Power Density: Infinaxis Data Centre is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of AI applications, characterized by higher power density deployment. Each rack boasts an average power ranging from 8kW to 15kW, making it an ideal choice for AI workloads.

6. Target Market: Geared towards mid-tier enterprises, the facility strikes a perfect balance between affordability and performance. This positioning renders it an enticing option for businesses seeking optimal solutions tailored to moderate IT requirements.

In a significant commitment, Velo Technologies (TelcoHubX) has pledged 2MW capacity in the Infinaxis Data Centre facility, further enhancing its connectivity and data center space growth to meet customer needs. This landmark agreement represents a significant stride in their relentless pursuit of the following key highlights: –

1. Expansion of Data Centre Infrastructure: Through this partnership, they are embarking on an ambitious journey of expanding its Cyberjaya data centre footprints, ensuring that infrastructure is ready to meet the growing demands of their clients, including the high power density rack requirements essential for cutting-edge technologies like AI.

2. Extended Service Support: Extending their established 24 x 7 day-to-day support structure and policies to Infinaxis Data Centre.

3. Enhanced Interconnectivity: Clients will now enjoy an array of enhanced interconnectivity options leveraging TelcoHubX’s ecosystem, fostering seamless communication and collaboration across their multiple data centres presently in Central and Southern Malaysia.

4. Heightened Reliability and Redundancy: By leveraging Infinaxis’ Data Centre, they are boosting the reliability and redundancy of their data centre operations, warranting the best uptime services for their clients.

Mr. Ben Chin, CEO & Founder of Velo Technologies (TelcoHubX), remarked, “This partnership signifies a significant milestone in our journey. As we continue to expand our footprints, we are committed to meeting the evolving needs of the industry. With the increasing demand for advanced AI applications and high-power density requirements, TelcoHubX is well-equipped to cater to these demands. We are excited about the endless possibilities it brings and how it aligns perfectly with our vision for TelcoHubX. Together with Infinaxis DC, we are poised to transform the data centre landscape in this region.”

Zahri Mirza, CEO of Infinaxis Data Centre, commented, “ We are thrilled to partner with TelcoHubX, a leading Managed Service Provider for Data Centre Solutions. This is a significant step for TelcoHubX in its expansion to offer its wide range of services to a wider market, and our commitment to support TelcoHubX.”

This partnership between Velo Technologies (TelcoHubX) and Infinaxis Data Centre Sdn. Bhd. represents a significant step forward in providing cutting-edge data center solutions in Malaysia.

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