Ventana launches world’s highest performance data centre-class RISC-V processor and platform

Ventana Micro Systems has announced the second generation of its Veyron family of RISC-V processors.

“Veyron V2 represents a leap forward in our quest to lead the industry in high-performance RISC-V CPUs that are ready for rapid customer adoption,” said Balaji Baktha, Founder and CEO of Ventana. “It substantiates our commitment to customer innovation, workload acceleration, and overall optimisation to achieve best in class performance per Watt per dollar. V2 enhancements unleash innovation across data centre, automotive, 5G, AI, and client applications.”

Veyron V2 showcases up to 40% improvement in performance. This gain has been made possible through significant microarchitecture enhancements, superior high performance processor fabric architecture, enhanced cache hierarchy, and the addition of a high performance vector processor.

Ventana’s Domain Specific Accelerator technology, tightly coupled with the Veyron V2 processor pipeline, is designed to enhance workload efficiency across the entire data centre infrastructure while enabling customer innovation and differentiation.

“In the dynamically shifting landscape of the tech industry, one truth remains constant: performance per watt per socket per dollar drives innovation across the industry,” said Patrick Moorhead, Founder and Chief Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “Ultimately, that equation needs to make its way to the rack. Ventana’s latest V2 offering announcement not only aligns with this principle but could set a new benchmark for high-performance computing.”

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