Versori secures $3.5 million investment to accelerate platform growth

Versori, a leading provider of data infrastructure solutions, announced today that it has raised $3.5 million in a funding round led by Stage 2 Capital, with participation from notable angel investors including Cindy Bi of Capital X and Jamie Su, among others. 

With this latest investment, Versori aims to propel its flagship product, Switchboard, an innovative any-to-any system integration and workflow automation platform, to new heights. Switchboard, powered by cutting-edge AI tools for schema building, data transformations, and data mappings, has already garnered attention as the backbone behind integrations for prominent companies such as Sephora, Frasers Group, and ASOS.

The investment from Stage 2 Capital, along with angel investments from industry experts, will primarily be used to bolster product development efforts for Integration and visualisation tooling within Versori’s data infrastructure platform. The company plans to expand its go-to-market team through strategic hiring initiatives, enabling Versori to deliver comprehensive solutions to an even wider range of customers.

“We are thrilled to secure this significant investment, which underscores the immense potential of Versori’s data infrastructure platform,” said Sean Brown, Founder and CEO at Versori. “The funds will be instrumental in further enhancing our Integration and data visualisation capabilities, allowing us to meet the complex data integration needs of modern enterprises across various industries.”

Versori will initially focus on catering to system-led integration requirements, including ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and other critical systems. By providing seamless integration and automation solutions, Versori aims to empower businesses with improved data management, enhanced operational efficiency, and better decision-making capabilities.

With a rapidly growing customer base and a strong commitment to innovation, Versori asserts that it is well-positioned to revolutionise how enterprises integrate and leverage their data.

“More than $350 billion is spent on complex data integration problems currently solved by consultancies and service providers. Versori’s Switchboard solution is making any-to-any system integrations possible with incredibly fast time-to-value that the market needs. We are so excited to back the Versori team to help customers solve the most complex of data integration challenges” said Jay Po, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Stage 2.

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