Vertiv introduces next-gen micro modular data center with AI features in APAC

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has introduced the Vertiv™ SmartAisle™ 3, a micro modular data centre system that utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing enhanced intelligence and enabling efficient operations within the data centre environment. Now available in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the SmartAisle™ 3 can be configured up to 120kW of total IT load and is ideal for a wide range of industry applications, including banking, healthcare, government, and transportation. 

Building on the previous Vertiv™ SmartAisle™ technology, the SmartAisle 3 is a fully-integrated data centre ecosystem consisting of racks, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), thermal management and monitoring, and physical security. The latest iteration of the SmartAisle comes with AI functionality and self-learning features that help significantly optimise the micro data centre’s operational and energy efficiency. Each carriage or rack cabinet has a Smart Power Output Device or POD, which seamlessly manages the power distribution to rack PDUs and serves as a monitoring gateway that oversees carriage conditions including temperature, humidity and door status.

With built-in cabling integration, front and rear carriage sensors, the SmartAisle 3 also eliminates the hassle of complex on-site cabling installation and saves on data centre white space. Moreover, the SmartAisle 3 further reduces the complexity of on-site setup with its one-click networking feature, which effortlessly configures the data centre system. It also has an AI self-learning function that intelligently monitors and adjusts temperature depending on the operating environment, helping to achieve energy savings by as much as 20% compared to systems without AI features, while maintaining optimum operation conditions.  

“As demand for data-intensive applications continues to rapidly grow, many businesses are requiring their data centre infrastructure to be deployed quickly and efficiently, and to be as scalable as possible. Vertiv enriched the Vertiv SmartAisle 3 with AI features to help our customers simplify their data centre operations, so they can have greater flexibility in their business operation and to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals,” said Cheehoe Ling, vice president, product management at Vertiv Asia. 

“The speed at which AI is evolving not only demands a workforce that is technically proficient but also a digital economy built on infrastructure designed to scale,” said Faraz Ali, Product Manager IMS at Vertiv Australia and New Zealand. “By integrating AI directly into data centre operations, we’re giving businesses across Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to keep up with their AI ambitions. The new system’s automated intelligence makes light work of balancing critical infrastructure at optimum energy efficiency and power resilience, offering time back to critical talent, while promoting scalability as workload requirements expand.”

With an intuitive 15-inch touch screen control panel and an option to upgrade to a 95-inch local door display, the Vertiv™ SmartAisle™3 provides enhanced system visibility and assists in troubleshooting to enable the system to operate at peak efficiency. 

The SmartAisle™ 3 includes the Vertiv™ Liebert® APM modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, the Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV 4 in-row cooling, and the Vertiv™ Liebert® RDU 501 intelligent monitoring system. It also comes pre-installed with a flexible busbar system that streamlines the overall system design by reducing power distribution installation complexity.

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