Vietnam opens largest data centre in Hanoi

Spanning an extensive 23,000m2 to accommodate 2,000 racks, VNPT IDC Hoa Lac earns the Uptime Tier III Certification of Design Documents (TCDD), Constructed Facility (TCCF), and in the future the Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS). Using equipment from famous manufacturers like Cumin, Hitachi, or Siemens, VNPT IDC Hoa Lac can offer mega-speed of 2Gbps/rack for domestic connections and 0.5Gbps/rack for international ones.

“VNPT now operates eight data centres in several locations including Hanoi, Da Nang, and HCM City, each one adhering to stringent domestic and international standards. Our date centre in Hoa Lac is the largest and most advanced in the country and is poised to offer the nation premier data services, tailor-made to meet the diverse requirements of both domestic and international clients,” said Mr. Huynh Quang Liem, CEO of VNPT.

VNPT IDC Hoa Lac has an N+1 backup system to ensure stable operation even when there are maintenance events. The 6-layer security monitoring system Data Hall reaches international standards to ensure the highest level of data safety for clients.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology from renowned G7 manufacturers such as Cummins, Hitachi, and Siemens, the new centre boasts ultra-fast network connections, averaging 2Gbps per rack for domestic and 0.5Gbps for international connectivity. The security system comprises six layers of protection to ensure the best data security for clients.

“Digital infrastructure must be super-capacious, ultra-wideband, universally accessible, sustainable, smart, open, and secure. It’s essential to prioritise investment in modernisation to stay ahead in the digital transformation race. Data infrastructure is the cornerstone of digital infrastructure. Telecommunications firms who once led in telecoms infrastructure must now take the lead in data infrastructure. Investment in data centres represents a new growth avenue for these operators, without which, they risk being replaced,” Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said.

Mr. Hung encouraged local businesses to favour Vietnamese cloud computing and data services, especially when the national ones have met even the strictest criteria in the world and offered competitive prices.

The minister proposed that instead of trying to run their own rather ineffective data centres or IT systems, ministries, state agencies, and local authorities should choose professional data service units for cost efficiency and safety. This is also a chance for domestic data service providers to develop and become even more professional, he said.

This strategic move by VNPT demonstrates a clear vision towards enhancing national telecommunications capabilities, and signifies a shift in focus from traditional telecom services to more advanced data and digital services.

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