VIRTUS reveals €3BN landmark project in green data centre innovation and AI real estate

VIRTUS Data Centres is embarking on a groundbreaking project in the Berlin Brandenburg data centre region, one of Europe’s fastest-growing data centre markets. Known as the VIRTUS Wustermark Data Centre Campus, this endeavour aims to redefine mega-scale data centre capacity for cloud and AI applications in Europe, with an innovative approach to the use of sustainable power, waste heat re-use and technology.

Spanning over 350,000 square metres, Phase I of the VIRTUS Wustermark Campus is scheduled to become operational by 2026. Positioned strategically across two campus locations, the campus will have access to a remarkable 300MW of incoming power. This ambitious project positions the VIRTUS Wustermark Campus as one of Germany’s and Europe’s largest green data centre campuses, underlining VIRTUS’ ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of scale and sustainability.

The development involves a strategic partnership with the grid operator to harness renewable energy from a crucial renewable energy grid supply point, reinforcing VIRTUS’ dedication to sustainability and green energy initiatives. This marks a significant milestone in VIRTUS’ journey towards achieving net-zero emissions for all reportable activities by 2030.

Strategically located adjacent to a major sub-station, the campus leverages electrical coupling with some of the nation’s largest contiguous onshore wind farms, contributing significantly to its power supply. VIRTUS is actively moving away from diesel fuel reliance, with a strong commitment to renewable energy sources.

At the core of the VIRTUS Wustermark Campus lies a dedication to state-of-the-art technology and innovation to ensure operational excellence and the delivery of scale and flexibility to meet the demands of new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads. Designed with the distinct purpose of supporting the growing demands of hyperscale, government and enterprise customers, the campus is primed to cater for the ever-expanding server computer density that is required by cloud computing and generative AI applications. VIRTUS continues to invest and innovate so its customers have access to the latest technologies.

As part of the development, VIRTUS will make the waste heat of the campus available to the local municipality and support their ambitious project to deliver a future district heating distribution network for Wustermark. This aims to harmoniously integrate the campus with the local community and contribute positively to the region’s infrastructure.

Holger Schreiber, the Mayor of Wustermark said “The VIRTUS Wustermark Campus is a shining example of the positive impact that future-oriented partnerships can have on our community. This particular engagement not only demonstrates technological innovation, but also shows the potential for sustainable economic growth. It brings significant opportunities for the high-tech industry, our community of Wustermark, and the entire Havelland region.”

Christina Mertens, Vice President of Business Development, EMEA, said: “This ambitious undertaking is VIRTUS’ second site in the Berlin Brandenburg region and follows hot on the heels of the announcement of our Berlin Marienpark Campus in May 2023. It shows our commitment to sustainable innovation and dedication to meeting the evolving cloud and AI needs of our customers with another campus powered by cost efficient renewable energy, capable of growing to massive scale. As we take this step, we are proud to contribute to the vibrant data centre landscape of Berlin Brandenburg and reinforce our position as an industry leader, continuing our journey as a catalyst for transformative change.”

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