Vodafone, Damac to build data center in Türkiye

Vodafone Türkiye and Emirati company Damac have partnered to establish a state-of-the-art data center in Türkiye, committing a combined investment of $100 million. The collaboration will see an equal contribution from both entities, resulting in the establishment of the new data center in the Turkish Aegean city of Izmir. Anticipated to commence operations in the first quarter of 2025, the facility will engage in data migration and hosting services.

The center will be one of Vodafone’s largest-capacity data centers in the Aegean region and will aim to achieve a six-megawatt capacity initially, with a long-term vision of expanding to a maximum of 12 megawatts. Engineered for adaptable growth, the center is designed to accommodate an efficient modular expansion.

Highlighting Vodafone’s significant role in the Turkish economy, Engin Aksoy emphasized that the company has invested 157.6 billion Turkish liras ($5.1 billion) in Türkiye over the past 17 years.

Aqil Ali, the senior vice president at Damac, outlined the company’s broader plan to invest $1 billion in data centers, with the Izmir project being a crucial component of this commitment. He emphasized that the data center would not only facilitate efficient modular growth but also serve as a value-added investment for both nations.

The upcoming data center will incorporate cutting-edge technology and adhere to Tier 3 standards, ensuring continuous service availability with an impressive uptime of 99.982%. Moreover, the facility will be seamlessly connected to Europe through both terrestrial and undersea cables.

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