VVDN’s ICE debuts on Google Cloud Marketplace

VVDN Technologies, a global provider of software, product engineering, electronic manufacturing services, and solutions, has announced the successful launch of its Smart IoT Cloud Platform, Intelligent Cloud Engine (ICE), on Google Cloud Marketplace resulting from its multi-year collaboration with Google Cloud.

ICE is a PaaS that provides data aggregation, analytics, visualization, and management and will integrate with the Generative AI suite for future-ready solutions. Integrating advanced AI-driven data analytics and data aggregation empowers organizations to get insights faster, visualize data more clearly, and manage devices smoothly. The platform is built on a Google Cloud-certified modular microservices-based architecture, providing accelerated product development capabilities for existing and new cloud-connected products while ensuring compliance with data privacy, consent, and security regulations. 

The key features include Quick Onboarding, Multiprotocol Support, End-to-end encryption, AI-driven analytics, Smart Management and Observability.

ICE is VVDN’s first software product listed on a public cloud marketplace that has undergone a rigorous and extensive audit by Google Cloud, validating its security, scalability, and reliability. It leverages Google Cloud’s built-in security and compliance features, such as data encryption and access control, to help ensure data is protected and used per industry regulations and best practices.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) by VVDN has enabled the company to leverage its software product development and cloud engineering prowess, culminating in the creation of ICE. With over 250 Google Cloud-trained and Certified Engineers and Architects, VVDN aims to cater to the needs of global customers by providing Application Modernization, Migration, and Development Services. VVDN is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud in the USA, Middle East, EU, and Japan, as part of its extended commitment.

Vivek Bansal, Founder and President, VVDN Technologies: “We are thrilled to see VVDN’s Intelligent Cloud Engine go live on Google Marketplace, showcasing our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in collaboration with Google Cloud. ICE is the result of meticulous engineering and a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality, innovation, data security, and scalability. This collaboration with Google Cloud is a testament to VVDN’s capabilities and sets the stage for the development of multiple innovative products in our pipeline while expanding our partnership in the USA, the Middle East, and India. Our partnership with Google Cloud is critical in our efforts to provide global customer support. By deepening our partnership, we aim to deliver innovative solutions that utilize advanced technologies, enabling users to interact intelligently with their content, and transforming the way businesses operate in the AI-first era.”

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud: “Bringing VVDN to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the Intelligent Cloud Engine on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure. VVDN can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

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