Whitepaper that redefines the all-flash data centre released

An International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper, titled moving towards an all-flash data centre era to accelerate digital transformation, has announced the release of an all-flash data centre, the first to systematically outline the all-flash data centre in terms of storage, computing, and networks. The whitepaper, sponsored by Huawei, serves as a crucial reference and guide for data centre construction for enterprises looking to transform digitally, aiming to promote the construction and future-oriented development of all-flash data centres across all industries.

Data centre transformation and innovation are inevitable trends as we move into an intelligent age. Following the upgrade of enterprise IT architectures, more organisations are investing in innovative technologies that cover data innovation, real-time agility, energy efficiency, reliability, and intelligent management. These aspects represent the new trends for future-oriented, sustainable data centres.

The white paper redefines the concept of an all-flash data centre as one that adopts SSDs for at least 90 per cent of its storage capacity (covering external storage systems and built-in storage of servers) while delivering high density and reliability, low latency, and energy efficiency. The all-flash data centre will play a big role in the promotion of digital-based businesses and applications and helps enterprises maximise the value of data innovation.

In addition, the white paper describes the definition and positioning of the all-flash data centres based on global best practices in the financial, carrier, and healthcare industries. National and international policies on green energy conservation have been gradually implemented across enterprise production and operations. An all-flash data centre is a logical choice for the next step in sustainable development.

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