Winner of new ‘Sustainability Impact Award’ announced


Schneider Electric, the digital partner for sustainability and efficiency, has announced Datacentre UK, experts in designing, building and supporting data centres, server rooms and comms rooms, as a winner of the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award in the UK and Ireland.

Datacentre UK received the award for enabling its customers to achieve their decarbonisation goals by prioritising energy efficiency within their data centre designs and operations. This includes its work with customers across the education, healthcare, and public sectors – helping them modernise legacy data centre infrastructures in the quest to reduce energy consumption, improve power usage effectiveness (PUE) and operating costs.

The awards are part of Schneider Electric’s efforts to support partners who are concerned about climate change and are under pressure to address the issue for shareholders, customers, employees, and the younger generation.

As the world becomes more electric, Schneider Electric said that it facilitates sustainable practices with solutions that are simplified, open, and digital. This includes enabling partners to assess their own carbon footprint and build a trackable and traceable plan of action, as well as certifying partners’ ability to assess the sustainability of their supplier and customer ecosystems.

“Climate change is the defining issue of our time and to limit the planet’s warming to 1.5º Celsius, we must realise that no company can do it alone,” said Marc Garner, SVP, secure power division, Schneider Electric, Europe. “Today’s businesses must look beyond their own operations and consider their entire value chain, and to reach net-zero, it will ultimately require a collective effort that calls upon businesses to share best practices, while supporting customers and suppliers in their efforts to decarbonise. I would like to congratulate Datacentre UK for its fantastic effort in helping its data centre customers reduce their environmental impact and in enabling them to reach their sustainability goals.”

“Amid rising energy costs and environmental issues, prioritising sustainability and reducing energy consumption have become the most important considerations for us, and our customers. Winning the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, and we are delighted to have been recognised for the work we have done to help decarbonise our customers’ operations” said Paul Almond, managing director, Datacentre UK. “Sustainability is not a one-time achievement but a continuous effort towards building a better future. We are very aware of the expectations placed on businesses like ours to demonstrate how we are decarbonising our own operations and those of our customers. We wanted to get ahead and play our part in the journey to net zero.”

The Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards were launched earlier this year to celebrate and recognise the pivotal role that Schneider’s extensive network of partners play in delivering a more resilient and sustainable electric world. Participants are carefully assessed on how they are leveraging energy and digital & automation solutions in operations, reducing energy usage, increasing operational efficiency, and embracing circularity across the value chain.

The awards are intended for Schneider Electric partners which include Homebuilders, IT Partners, Partner Builders, Design Firms, Contractors, System Integrators, EcoXperts, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Industrial Automation System Integrators, Machine Integrators (Machine Integrators), Industrial Automation Distributors. Winners from the United Kingdom will participate in further selection for awards at regional and global levels. Global level winners will be announced in March 2023.

Schneider Electric is also planning to extend this award to suppliers and customers/end users in 2023.

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