World’s first power-generating data centre cooling system unveiled

Infinidium Power Corp. has announced the launch of its proprietary next-generation data centre cooling and power supply infrastructure, which has the potential to reduce both operating and capital costs by as much as 50 per cent. 
The independently verified modular technology, named The Vortex Vacuum Chamber, is believed to be the most efficient data centre cooling system ever designed and is coupled with an extra-low voltage direct current smart nanogrid. The PTC patent-pending configuration utilises biomimicry for heat management and decentralised active battery storage, which enhances adjacent renewable output while drastically lowering electrical conversion losses. 
The system eliminates complex cooling infrastructure, generators and other auxiliary equipment which individually can offset all Infinidium capital costs. The systems can be rapidly placed in existing facilities with minimal retrofitting and permitting requirements. 
The inner chamber open-air configuration will also enable robotic assembly and operation amongst other innovative enhancements being developed by the Company. 
Traditional data centre energy consumption is a major growing global concern as COVID-19 and expansion of the Cloud has created unsustainable new demand. Infinidium technology can potentially achieve the highest FLOPS/Watt output and create the smallest environmental footprint to date. 

In a video showcase of the product, Infinidium explains that, as the world becomes more dependent on the cloud, global data centres continue expanding at unprecedented levels. 

“It is estimated that up to 50 per cent of the world’s energy production will be required for high-performance computing in the coming decades, while 50 per cent of total energy will be consumed by cooling systems alone. Infinidium solves this critical dilemma with a revolutionary new data centre cooling and power configuration based on biomimicry.” 
The company is actively seeking strategic alliances and capital partners for the mass deployment of the technology, and are also seeking to build a major cloud data centre hub in Calgary, Canada, which will consist of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, low-cost energy, vacant real-estate and low outdoor temperatures. 

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