Wyoming Hyperscale teams with Lumen Technologies to provide sustainable data centres

Lumen Technologies have announced that it will provide adaptive networking and security solutions for sustainable data centre developer Wyoming Hyperscale White Box.

Wyoming Hyperscale seeks to build sustainably operated data centres around the world, providing greater access to data, with less waste and greater energy efficiency. They turned to Lumen to support this vision by supplying accessible, clean, and reliable technology solutions.

“Lumen’s commitment and unique abilities to use technologies to support environmental sustainability align with Wyoming Hyperscale’s pursuit to change industry norms for data centre developers,” Ed Morche,  president of North American Enterprise and Public Sector at Lumen, said. “We are proud to provide Wyoming Hyperscale the right solutions to help them deliver reliable, energy-conscious results.”

The company seeks to reinvent the data centre by using a combination of proven cutting-edge approaches, liquid cooling efficiency and closed-loop external cooling. Liquid cooling uses a bio-based dielectric fluid for heat removal that increases a data centre’s cooling power efficiency by 95 per cent. In addition, this method of liquid cooling, when paired with the company’s proprietary solution, consumes no water.

Their ability to use zero water in its liquid cooling infrastructure makes its data centres among the first to apply this new, energy-efficient method. Unlike other traditional cooling towers used by data centres, Wyoming Hyperscale’s unique model also includes an adjacent cooling solution that removes heat from the liquid cooling system and transfers it with no water usage, fans, or refrigerants.

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