XYZ Reality welcomes data center industry leaders Christian Belady and Brian Mattson as strategic advisors

XYZ Reality, the leading engineering grade augmented reality (AR) platform for data center and mission critical construction, has announced the appointment of data center industry veterans Christian Belady and Brian Mattson as Strategic Advisors. With their extensive experience and innovative vision, they will help guide XYZ Reality in enhancing its data center construction solution and product roadmap.

Christian Belady, recognized as one of the “5 People who changed the data center” industry, brings a wealth of expertise in managing data center and infrastructure development at a global scale. Formerly Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, Belady developed one of the largest data center footprints in the world. Notably, during his tenure at Hewlett Packard, he was the innovator behind the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric. His expertise will prove invaluable to XYZ Reality’s mission of building it right first time, offering crucial support in product development and sharing invaluable insights and expertise garnered from years of experience in the data center industry.

“I am thrilled to join XYZ Reality as a Strategic Advisor,” said Christian Belady. “At a time when speed to market is paramount, the company’s approach and cutting-edge technology to transforming data center construction and delivery is impressive, and I am eager to contribute to its success with our combined experience and knowledge.”

Brian Mattson brings over 40 years of experience leading large-scale global engineering and construction programs in the semiconductor and data center industries. Prior to joining XYZ Reality, Mattson served in leadership roles at Google, NTT Global Data Centers Americas, and Microsoft. His leadership at Google and Microsoft in global construction and infrastructure supply chain will contribute significantly to XYZ Reality’s growth.

“We are delighted to welcome Christian Belady and Brian Mattson to XYZ Reality as Strategic Advisors,” said David Mitchell, Founder & CEO of XYZ Reality. “Their passion, expertise and innovative track record are crucial as we transform the data center industry with our Platform. This collaboration will further enhance our real-time project controls, enabling a proactive approach to construction. Their insights in the mission critical space will streamline processes and boost efficiency as we pioneer proactive solutions in this field.”

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